About Turmeric and Terrine

Welcome to my very own space on the WWW. Needless to say, TurmericandTerrine (T&T) is a food blog, however, unlike many other bloggers, I did not intend to start a food blog. I wanted to blurb my own cookbook and was halfway there when it occurred to me that I might as well chronicle all my recipes. And the idea of cookbook came when I, a new mom, shared some baby recipes to my friend, also a new mom and wanted more. So here I am onto this blogging bandwagon.

What’s in the name?  The inspiration for T&T is Global Cuisine. At home, I mostly make Indian food, that I am pretty good at. Having said that I and my husband both are food lovers and try different cuisines and love the variety. So at T&T, it is my humble attempt to chronicle Indian cuisines that are rare to find and of course the international cuisine that I am new to. The inspiration for my blog is my mom’s cooking and numerous cookbooks and few food blogs.

So, I am super excited to start this blog and start telling my stories/recipes. You, dear readers make this blog more exciting— so come, join the conversation!

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13 thoughts on “About Turmeric and Terrine

  1. Hi there! Looks like we both started our blogs around the same time and for some of the same reasons! I look forward to learning and reading about Indian cuisine through your recipes and stories. Lovely blog.

    • Hi there! Thank you stopping by my blog. Yes, you are right, we both started around the same time. You have a great blog yourself (the best part being its cute name 🙂

      Can’t wait to try out your recipes!

  2. I thought you might like to know that Chrome is blocking part of your site, saying it has insecure content. I discovered this when I tried to pin your recent post on Coconut Charu to my Food-to-Try Pinterest board. Chrome wouldn’t allow it. I know your blog is on WP, as is ours, so I don’t know what the problem could be. From my end of things, your blog looks very nice. But… you might want to contact WP and ask them what’s going on, or what you’re doing that’s making Chrome so upset. Good luck. Ken

  3. hi there, so I love your eggplant and yogurt recipe! I wanted to tell you so on the post but looks like it’s not possible to leave comments there for some reason?? Anyway: love the recipe! Sounds somewhat similar to our Kashk ‘eh bademjoon, which Iranians in diaspora and general absence of “kashk” have taken to substituting it with yogurt. Will definitely try your recipe minus some of the hot spices! 😉

    ps LOVE your recipes & blog!

    • Hi Swetha

      Thanks for following my blog and nominating me for the award. Currently I am on a break for medical reasons and will be actively continuing my blog. Hopefully, the link will stay active till now. If not, please accept my apologies and thank you again for the nomination.

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